Good or Bad habits?

Here’s some of my thinking about good and bad habits in the mapping of an effective organisation. Which word in each section resonates more about your business? Think about ‘business today’ and ‘business tomorrow’,  is your iceberg melting or are you focused on big. hairy audacious goals?

Insights or Blindspots?

  • We have a very good insight into our customers, competitors, market and potential customers
  • We have little understanding of our customers,competitors, market and potential customers

Famous or Anonymous?

  • Customers know we offer a unique range of value-added innovative products and services
  • Customers don’t know about what we do, or can do

Foresight or Hallucination?

  • We have a clear view of where we want to take the business in the next two to three years
  • We have very little idea of where we are aiming and what ideas we have are poorly developed

Front foot or Back foot?

  • As a business we are ‘on the attack’ most of the time, gaining ground in the market
  • As a business we are ‘defending’ most of the time, we’re stuck in the headlights

Clued-up or Clueless?

  • We are very knowledgeable about our competitors, their strengths and capabilities
  • We have very little knowledge about our competitors, their strengths and capabilities

Agile or Clumsy?

  • We are alert and agile in our thinking and behaviours,  ‘seizing’ the moment when opportunities arise
  • We tend to stumble around and try to react when we see things happening in our market

Rising or Falling?

  • We have a positive, respected business in our area of activity, seen to be going places
  • Our market perceives us as ‘one of the long tail’, just another business in the sector

Notorious or Unknown?

  • We are often in the ‘limelight’ through our social media and online marketing activities
  • We do not widely communicate our activities or products in the market

Harmonious or Mutinous?                  

  • We are not generally plagued by internal politics or cliques, we are all on the same side
  • We don’t generally see much team between people and departments, everyone looks after themselves

Culture of Curiosity or Stick-in-the-mud?

  • We’re innovative and creative, develop lots of new things, some of them work, some don’t
  • We generally do not deviate far from the things which our experience has proven work well

Bravehearts or Cowards?

  • When faced with a threat we respond rapidly and decisively
  • When faced with a threat, we often respond too weakly, too slowly or too cautiously

Fresh Thinkers or Copy Cats?

  • We are leaders in our field and competitors frequently copy our initiatives
  • We tend to follow our competitors, if it works for them that’s good enough for us

Compete to win or Concede defeat ?            

  • When something is not going to plan, we dig in and find a new way to make things work
  • When initiatives do not work, we tend to give up too easily, back to the old ways

Playing or Spectating?

  • We actively pay attention to our internal culture to ensure that it is vibrant and inclusive
  • We do not pay attention to our internal culture – it just ‘happens’ , it’s not important is it?

Switched On or Switched Off ?

  • Our organisation is energised
  • Our organisation is disconnected

Let me know what you think, and don’t rest on your laurels, remember it’s not how good you are, it’s how good you want to be.