Use the twelve days of Christmas for reflecting, relaxing and thinking

As we end 2020, I’m going to use the holiday downtime as a period of reflection and reawakening. The past nine months have... Read More

What the Greek philosophers can teach us about entrepreneurship

Many of the everyday fundamentals of our Western lifestyles come from the Ancient Greeks – democracy, drama, all-action blockbuster war epics, and lying... Read More

Next slide please: how to avoid ‘number theatre’​ in investor presentations

If you can’t convince them, confuse them. If you watched the Government’s briefing to announce a second England-wide lockdown on Saturday 31 October, you... Read More

Tempus fugit: time flies

In the dining room of my maternal grandparent’s house stood an old grandfather clock. Meals in that Burnley dining room were a time... Read More

Dominique Ansel and my pizzaiolo entrepreneurial endeavours

I love great pizza. There are two challenges in my life: I never have the willpower to completely ignore pizza on a restaurant menu, or a... Read More

Avoid the Ahab syndrome of entrepreneur’s myopia in your start up

As a bloke who lists one of his hobbies as having his nose in books, I’m used to radical social distancing and having... Read More

Don’t let solitude send you stir crazy, use your imagination

Most of us have become solopreneurs during lockdown, working home alone. How have you found this? There’s a strangeness about being on your... Read More

Stand on the shoulders of giants, and focus on innovation whilst in isolation

The lockdown has deprived us of the communal spirit in our lives. Many of us feel this loss acutely, especially as the days... Read More

Notes to self: reflections from my ‘lockdown journal’​

During the lockdown isolation and resultant ‘wash-rinse-repeat’ routine, I’ve noticed three things about my working style and rhythm that have made everything feel... Read More

The myopic thinking of 110% effort

During a meeting I had last week, a bloke poured water into his glass and it overflowed slightly. Clumsy I said jokingly, to... Read More

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