Every startup needs a Michael Collins in their team

On 20 July 1969, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first men to set foot on the moon, a rock some 240,000... Read More

James, creativity, purple cows & Paypal

Music is the voice of the outer and inner worlds we inhabit. It triggers a reaction, our moods vibrate in response to what... Read More

The art of entrepreneurship: from Van Gogh, to Kyffin Williams to Beeple

Last week Mike Winklemann’s (aka ‘Beeple’) encrypted jpeg digital artwork The First 500 Days sold for $69m, with the Non-fungible tokens (‘NFT’) revolution... Read More

International Women’s Day 2021: celebrate the life of Amelia Earhart

Today we celebrate International Women’s Day, with the message #ChooseToChallenge. This year’s campaign focuses on taking action for equality, by calling out bias, questioning... Read More

Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes: remembering the innovation mindset of David Bowie

The weekend was poignant for Bowie fans. Friday would have been his seventy fourth birthday; it was the fifth anniversary of the release... Read More

How ‘Tigger’​ & ‘Eeyore’​ personality types combine in a startup team

Many startups are driven by co-creators, two entrepreneurs working in unison with joined-up thinking and ambition. They spark off each other, with complimentary... Read More

My entrepreneurial role model, Atticus Finch

We’re all looking for entrepreneurial role models, but the fascination with the qualities of entrepreneurs is not new. Frank Knight’s Risk, Uncertainty and... Read More

Don’t let solitude send you stir crazy, use your imagination

Most of us have become solopreneurs during lockdown, working home alone. How have you found this? There’s a strangeness about being on your... Read More

Startups – get a ‘lust for life’ like Iggy Pop

It’s Iggy Pop’s seventy-third birthday today. Iggy the manic wildman, hair flailing, body convulsing, eyes wild, naked torso as he leaps into the... Read More

Startups! Crisis leadership lessons from Jacinda Ardern

In the current coronavirus adversity, being a leader can be harrowing. Managing competing priorities is an uphill battle, mustering the courage to keep... Read More

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