Startup leadership lessons from Barack Obama

Why should anyone be led by you? This is a great rhetorical question for any startup leader, focusing on your leadership values, purpose... Read More

Out of office: work-from-anywhere can be your startup’s default

The pandemic has hastened a default to a ‘work from anywhere’ remote work culture. Whilst many startups previously embraced virtual working as a... Read More

Next slide please: how to avoid ‘number theatre’​ in investor presentations

If you can’t convince them, confuse them. If you watched the Government’s briefing to announce a second England-wide lockdown on Saturday 31 October, you... Read More

Dominique Ansel and my pizzaiolo entrepreneurial endeavours

I love great pizza. There are two challenges in my life: I never have the willpower to completely ignore pizza on a restaurant menu, or a... Read More

My entrepreneurial role model, Atticus Finch

We’re all looking for entrepreneurial role models, but the fascination with the qualities of entrepreneurs is not new. Frank Knight’s Risk, Uncertainty and... Read More

Avoid the Ahab syndrome of entrepreneur’s myopia in your start up

As a bloke who lists one of his hobbies as having his nose in books, I’m used to radical social distancing and having... Read More

My Barnard Castle Eye Test IPA is on its way

The email arrived last Wednesday from BrewDog: my Barnard Castle Eye Test IPA was on its way. Billed as short-sighted beer for tall... Read More

As the tide goes out, don’t be caught swimming naked

I’ve always been a keen swimmer. I remember those early lessons, squeezing into my trunks, a pound for the locker, a rubber wrist tag... Read More

Don’t think about using the F-word, triage your startup

Start-ups have always been risky, perpetually hovering with an uncertain future, but the pandemic is turbocharging natural selection and causing a hiatus for... Read More

How to start thinking about tomorrow: hope is not a strategy, but strategy can provide hope.

The COVID pandemic has wrought enormous personal and social damage, upending countless lives. It is serving as a catalyst to embrace the need... Read More

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