Every startup needs a Michael Collins in their team

On 20 July 1969, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first men to set foot on the moon, a rock some 240,000... Read More

James, creativity, purple cows & Paypal

Music is the voice of the outer and inner worlds we inhabit. It triggers a reaction, our moods vibrate in response to what... Read More

Facing a setback in your startup, the next move is always yours

Many successful entrepreneurs have had the experience of a business venture going wrong. The challenges of a startup can cause any enterprise to... Read More

How does a startup win its first customers?

Barbers in England reopen 12 April. I am starting to resemble an old English sheepdog. Two weeks to go. But should I get... Read More

Choose your startup co-founder as you chose your spouse

They’ve started to arrive. An endless cascade of luxuriously quilted cream coloured and embossed envelopes, thumping onto the doormat. The wedding invitations –... Read More

The art of entrepreneurship: from Van Gogh, to Kyffin Williams to Beeple

Last week Mike Winklemann’s (aka ‘Beeple’) encrypted jpeg digital artwork The First 500 Days sold for $69m, with the Non-fungible tokens (‘NFT’) revolution... Read More

Lean startup hypotheses & moonshoot vaccines to inspire your startup dreams

I had my first Covid jab last week, the Astra Zeneca/Oxford vaccine, and wanted to know more about the people and process behind... Read More

Coffee & Fika: fuelling your tech team’s spirits, well-being and connectivity

In the early stages of Covid, a ‘last days of Saigon’ feel pervaded Manchester. The trams gradually became less crowded, more shops closed.... Read More

Made in Handforth: the good user guide to effective zoom meetings

It’s lively in Handforth, Cheshire. A Parish Council meeting’s shenanigans on Zoom has put the local council centre stage in a human drama... Read More

Countering the ‘Groundhog Day’​ feelings from lockdown on your startup

Another week. It’s déjà vu. As a startup founder you’ve got used to it. Gone are the days of noisy, vibrant Monday morning... Read More

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