Coffee & Fika: fuelling your tech team’s spirits, well-being and connectivity

In the early stages of Covid, a ‘last days of Saigon’ feel pervaded Manchester. The trams gradually became less crowded, more shops closed.... Read More

Made in Handforth: the good user guide to effective zoom meetings

It’s lively in Handforth, Cheshire. A Parish Council meeting’s shenanigans on Zoom has put the local council centre stage in a human drama... Read More

Countering the ‘Groundhog Day’​ feelings from lockdown on your startup

Another week. It’s déjà vu. As a startup founder you’ve got used to it. Gone are the days of noisy, vibrant Monday morning... Read More

Lessons from nurturing asparagus on my allotment for my startup ventures

February, my thoughts to Spring. Despite the cold, wet weather, it’s time to get my boots on and do some digging down at... Read More

Startups are like teenagers: the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams, and go for it.

Several work colleagues and children of my friends have had new babies since the start of the year, and it has reminded me... Read More

A leader in a crisis is a dealer in hope, but hope is not a strategy

The quote from Rahm Emanuel, mayor of Chicago 2011 to 2019, and before that Chief of Staff to Barack Obama, has been on... Read More

How ‘Tigger’​ & ‘Eeyore’​ personality types combine in a startup team

Many startups are driven by co-creators, two entrepreneurs working in unison with joined-up thinking and ambition. They spark off each other, with complimentary... Read More

‘Spiral Scratch’​ and the bootstrapping innovation of The Buzzcocks

Spiral Scratch is a glorious four-track EP and the first release by the Buzzcocks, recorded forty-four years ago today, on 28 December 1976 at Indigo... Read More

Use the twelve days of Christmas for reflecting, relaxing and thinking

As we end 2020, I’m going to use the holiday downtime as a period of reflection and reawakening. The past nine months have... Read More

How Harold Budd shaped my thinking about collaboration strategy in startups

We lost one of my favourite musicians, Harold Budd, last week. He was 84 and died from Covid complications. Budd was an American... Read More

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