John Coltrane: lessons from jazz improv for startup leaders

In a startup, entrepreneurs must be able to improvise when designing solutions to deliver competitive advantage, either as brilliant creativity or as a... Read More

Don’t let solitude send you stir crazy, use your imagination

Most of us have become solopreneurs during lockdown, working home alone. How have you found this? There’s a strangeness about being on your... Read More

Reflections on the failure of Flybe offer insights for your startup strategy

If 007 is taking cover for the next few months, what hope is there for us mortals left exposed to the economic ravages... Read More

Avoid a milkshaking from dissatisfied customers: adopt the Netflix way

The word ‘milkshake’ first appeared in 1885, as an eggnog-like drink made with whiskey. However, by the turn of the century, milkshakes were... Read More

Thoughts on startup pricing strategy: money is the applause

The price of everything and the value of nothing. This Oscar Wilde quote reflects much of today’s business environment, discount retailers have flooded... Read More

Build a thriving team in your startup, not just an array of digital tools

In any startup business, we are immersed in apps and devices that provide a high degree of visibility, connectivity and productivity enabling collaboration,... Read More

Apply Pareto’s Principle to move the needle of your start up

Vilfredo Pareto was a philosopher, economist and academic, fascinated by social and political statistics and trends. Legend has it that one day he... Read More

Signs of Spring bring out the green-fingered entrepreneur

It’s been milder this week, and the first signs of spring are here – frogspawn in the dog’s outside water bowl (she just... Read More

Because it’s there

I was a teenager staying at my grandmother’s house in North Wales when I came across an epic story of mountaineering: The Fight... Read More

Thinking back, playing forward with nostalgic innovation

German electronic music pioneers Kraftwerk played eight live performances in Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall recently – The Catalogue 1 2 3 4 5... Read More

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