Manage your inner chimp and get your startup mindset back to work

I’m longing for those summer pastimes – lazy days spent idling in the sun, watching the local cricket, lying on the grass and... Read More

Don’t have wool in your ears, be driven by curiosity

Unconscious habits stop us from being more productive, none more so than our compulsion to check a smartphone screen, explicitly designed to exploit... Read More

Go fishing with Einstein to improve your entrepreneurial thinking

I remember it well. Sitting still, staring practically hypnotised by the little red stick – the float – in the water, willing it... Read More

Lessons in entrepreneurial thinking from Greek philosophy

Many of the everyday fundamentals of our Western lifestyles owe a debt of gratitude to the Ancient Greeks – democracy, drama, all-action blockbuster... Read More

Made in Sheffield: now stay hungry, stay foolish

Thursday last week saw me wearing my ‘proud Dad’ smile, and tears welling up in my eye (don’t be silly, it’s just hay... Read More

The importance of self-esteem for a startup founder

Starting your own business is one of the most emotional things you will do in your life. The ups and downs can be... Read More

A startup is like riding a bike, to keep your balance you must keep moving.

Albert Einstein died in his sleep at Princeton Hospital sixty-one years ago today, on April 18 1955. His archetypal boffin persona and image... Read More

Millions saw the apple fall, only Newton asked ‘why?’

Martin Zwilling writes an inspirational blog on a variety of issues impacting startups – here’s the link – and recently asked in... Read More

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