Take a ‘Walk On The Wild Side’

I now like to listen to music as background noise whilst I work. Previously, my preference was to work in silence, but while... Read More

Manage your inner chimp and get your startup mindset back to work

I’m longing for those summer pastimes – lazy days spent idling in the sun, watching the local cricket, lying on the grass and... Read More

Inner-vation: step outside your comfort zone

It’s the fifteenth series of Celebrity Masterchef, a competition turning people who normally struggle to make a basic chicken stir-fry into people with fancy... Read More

Lessons in entrepreneurship from grandmaster Magnus Carlsen

The history of chess is a history of metaphors and moral lessons. Underlying a game of chess is an abstract structure of rules... Read More

George Mallory’s entrepreneurial mindset: because it’s there

Research into the motivational drivers of entrepreneurs has highlighted that far from being the opportunity to earn financial gains, it is the extra-rational... Read More

Be resilient: avoid the path of least resistance

The path to entrepreneurial success is forged via breakthroughs, small steps and iterations, each possible because you have your eyes and ears wide... Read More

Think like Tim Peake, look to the future

UK astronaut Tim Peake is back on Earth after an historic six-month stay on the International Space Station. A Soyuz capsule carrying Peake... Read More

Winning mind-sets of Xavi & Bradley Wiggins

The weekend saw two remarkable sportsmen achieve significant success, on top of a career defined by continued success – Xavi Hernandez and Bradley... Read More

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