what we do

dna people provides thought provoking business growth advice and guidance, to help you achieve breakthrough results. Fusing creative thinking and practical, hands-on advice, we stimulate attitudes and mind-sets on how to reach beyond your expectations.

How do we do this? Well, we have developed a three-stage approach which focuses upon bridging the gap between performance and potential:

  • discover: We undertake a series of critical conversations to unearth what inspires you – your vision, your purpose, your aspiration and your goals.
  • nurture:  We help nurture your thinking – it’s about disruptive thinking in the future tense – ‘what if we changed our business model?’
  • accelerate: Vision without execution is hallucination. We provide the tools to accelerate the creation of your vision, ensuring growth is actioned, not just an aspiration.

Our skills and experience focus on four key areas:


Creating a vision, strategy and business model to achieve your growth aspirations

Ask yourself:

  • What do we want our business to be next year, and in three to five years?
  • How do we drive growth?
  • How do we develop business plans with sufficient stretch and rigour?
  • What are the key priorities for the business?

Business growth needs a vision – where do we want to be, where are we now, how will we get there? We look forwards and plan backwards – take a step back to see the bigger picture and develop a growth strategy and business model which exploits opportunities for greater business success.

Accessing the finance necessary to enable growth

Ask yourself:

  • If we grow revenue by 20%, what’s the impact on our working capital?
  • We need new product development, but do we have the cash available?
  • Recruiting three new sales staff is the right move, but where’s the cash?
  • Can we fund the export potential of the new market?

Organisations sometimes find growth ambitions hampered by a lack of funding, and are often unaware of the potential finance options available. We help you source and pitch for investment, overcoming the barriers to achieve growth and leap ahead of your rivals.

Articulating marketing and business development strategies

Ask yourself:

  • How can we develop a value based pricing strategy to enhance market share?
  • How can we optimise our sales channels to beat the competition?
  • How should we adapt our channel strategy to improve profitability?
  • How can we ensure that our go-to-market approach wins new business?

Sales and pricing are key growth and profit drivers, but all too often pricing is cost-based and not value driven, whilst sales strategies lack focus and clarity in both planning and execution. Our approach considers sales and pricing strategies from a customer reach perspective to improve customer attraction, retention and loyalty.

Building a high performance management team

Ask yourself

  • How well does your management team lead the business?
  • How well does your management team strategise?
  • Are you and your management team organised around strengths?
  • How well do you and your team make it happen?

A new vision, strategy and growth plan may require a different business model which in turn requires new skills or a shift in ‘hearts and minds’ to achieve your ambitions. A great leader can make a business thrive, but having the whole management team operating at a ‘personal best’ level propels rapid growth.