Ian Brookes is dna people, a consultancy and advisory business working exclusively with entrepreneurs, start-ups and innovative high-growth businesses.

I operate as an external advisor, non-executive director and investor, providing thought provoking business growth advice, insights and practical guidance to help you achieve breakthroughs in strategy and performance.

I guide and mentor exceptional entrepreneurs and help take their innovative ideas and disruptive technologies and turn them into successful high-growth businesses. I help people generate and then capture new ideas to drive growth and create shareholder value.

homeimagesmallIn working this way, I apply my own business thinking and experience, alongside proven models, analysis and tools to help elicit new strategies. I don’t just sense-check ideas, I inspire individuals by enabling them to reach beyond their expectations.

Besides growth-wish organisations, I also work with companies who have got ‘stuck’ in their thinking and need an external catalyst to either stimulate a new direction or create breakthroughs. These interventions have resulted in new and focused growth strategies, new products and services and often result in 100% growth.

Based on 30 years experience, I would summarise my style and approach as a ‘thinker and a doer’, I help the ‘blue sky thinking’ and also ‘washing the pots’ in terms of bringing discipline, clarity and focus to their strategic thinking, planning and execution.

I build trust and enhance value through the application of dna people’s unique discover-nurture-accelerate approach, which underpins everything I do. I deliver in an authentic, personalised and highly energised manner, aiming to make a sustainable difference.

dna people bring discipline, clarity and focus to the thinking and execution at the heart of your growth plan, working collaboratively to identify the critical steps you need to take to achieve your next phase of growth.