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We are all about thinking ahead, providing growth advice to help you achieve breakthrough results. We fuse creative thinking and practical, hands-on guidance to build strategies for sustainable success. We stimulate mind-sets on how to reach beyond your expectations. We are always thinking about your tomorrow.

Startup or Scaleup, we work on making your business an agile organisation free from hierarchy in decision making, into one based on continual rapid iteration cycles of thinking, doing, and learning. One that is future ready. One that takes decisions fast. One that is always one-step ahead. One that is nimble, looking around the next corner, based on foresight, not hindsight.

Our experience and research demonstrate that successful agile organisations consistently exhibit five characteristics that enable high growth and sustainable success. We build these pillars into everything we do:

Hold a Moonshot ambition: We have all seen how companies like Apple and Tesla innovate at a pace almost imaginable. Their amazing inventions are what we call moonshots – the term derived from the Apollo XI spaceflight, which landed the first humans on the moon back in 1969. What’s your audacious moonshot ambition?

Fixate on your North Star metric: Nothing to do with astronomy, your North Star metric represents the unwavering definition of success of your future growth. It’s about understanding the one thing you’re trying to achieve so that you won’t be distracted or led astray when things get tough or when there’s pressure to change course.

Hold an abundance mindset: it’s about being bold. The next move is always yours. Your boundaries are where you set them. We believe in entrepreneurial thinking. We help create ‘the art of possible’ growth mindset that embeds passion and unleashes creativity into your thinking to set a target, and then go for a x10 outcome. Why not?

Focus on innovation leadership: Innovation is all about fresh perspectives and new directions. Today, uncertainty is palpable. Have you lost your crystal ball? Your main point of differentiation is innovation. We collaborate with founders and leadership teams to build innovation strategies to drive success from implementing new ideas.

Think like a customer: We live in a constantly evolving commercial environment and cannot know what exactly the future holds. What’s the problem you’re solving, and for whom? The best way to minimise risk and succeed is to think like a customer, so sit their side of the table, and be the quickest to do new things for them.

We shape and build agile organisations

Agile organisations are both stable and dynamic. The paradox is that truly agile businesses master this dichotomy with simplicity. They design stable backbone elements that evolve slowly to support dynamic capabilities that adapt quickly to new challenges and opportunities.

How do we do this? Well, we have developed a three-stage approach which focuses upon bridging the gap between vision and execution:

  • discover: We undertake a series of critical conversations to unearth your vision, your purpose, your aspiration and your moonshot goals.
  • nurture:  We nurture your thinking in the future tense to determine your North Star and curate an abundance mindset.
  • accelerate: Vision without execution is hallucination. We provide the tools to craft and execute your strategy, focussed on customer engagement.

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